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Eliza Roony

Eliza Rooney

The first semester of this year I took a painting class, my first since my freshman year during the pandemic, so I was completely unsure about the techniques and what excited me when it came to painting. In painting class we were taught to use a brush and I felt all my paintings were dull and uninspired. Here I was at the start of my senior year feeling like I was just beginning, but that’s when I remembered attending painting classes with my mom when I was in high school; there I observed the teacher and most of the students using a palette knife. I decided to pick up the knife and try something new and that’s when everything clicked for me. When using the brush I am trying to control the process by thinking too much about what I am painting; when using the knife I am free and loose, like the knife is an extension of me. Through the current semester I continued using the knife and have grown into my style with help from my teachers. My preferred medium is oil paint and I really enjoy painting models.