Molly Maynard


“I escape the constant stimulation of reality in life for a moment, by capturing a moment. Looking through the lens to pause and take with me to create my own version through color, composition and presentation in a photograph. I take inspiration through life and movies that have given me that similar feeling of calm, whether that inspiration takes place in our present time or in former decades. Along with portraiture, I create short captivating stories in video form and brief moments having no concrete concept at all. My work is an experience I want to share through intentional grains and tinting, my personal trademark, shifting these observations into something that holds depth to me, along with personal poetry.”

Artist’s Statement

“Observation is an important practice in life, as us humans strive to be more understanding of one another. I enjoy processing these reflections through writing — a note here and a line there throughout the day. Poetry compacts questions, judgements and curiosity into something quite lovely. By combining the visual and literary arts in my work, a richer experience unfolds than if they stood on their own.”


Installation View