Emalie Johnson

Emalie Johnson is a senior graduating from the University of New Hampshire as part of the Class of 2023 in December. She will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Liberal Studies and Studio Arts with a concentration in Design. Emalie prefers to go by Emme and was born in Boston, Massachusetts. However, she grew up in Rochester, New Hampshire where she Graduated from Spaulding High School as the Class of 2019 and as a student of the Richard W. Creteau Regional Technology Center. Before leaving her high school she left her mark of being part of many scholarly programs such as National Technical Honor Society under the Tech center and had also left her mark with creating the Logo during CTE celebration month in 2018 and the logo has been used since after a student voting. She has also participated in the Granite State Fair where you can see her photography work every September and has participated in the First United Methodist Church Photo Contest both in which are held in Rochester, New Hampshire. After Graduating She plans to continue to expand art mediums through usage of photography, drawing, digital art, graphic design, costume design, writing, painting, and animation.

Artist’s Statement

“I am a multidisciplinary artist, through primary mediums of Photography and Drawing. However, I’ve taken on many of the art mediums of painting, digital art, graphic design, animation, and more. With my work I want to create a personal transformative experience for the audience in some sense, however, that is not always the case but rather also showcasing the usage of perception or observation of the real world or even with my imagination. For works of photography I am constantly using my perspective to find the perfect opportunity to adjust my camera settings and get a picture that will be breathtaking of the natural world, for people to help them understand themselves and bring confidence to themselves, and for thinking outside the box to find a new perspective to take a picture of items of everyday life. For drawing, this respect of art correlates into graphic design and digital art. I work to create concept sketches that later help in creating a final artistic creative work that allow for a way for that visual art to be interpreted with stories or emotions. In respect to the works I want to remind people that there are good interactions with themselves, art, and the natural world.”